17 February 2014

Graduated: Another Chapter of Life Closed.

As I sit on the stage, facing the audiences, listening to speech after speech, I couldn't help to be overwhelmed thinking about the past 7 years which I mostly documented on this blog....

Blablabla some sentimental shits about my past 7 years in Egypt blablabla feeling happy blablabla deepest gratitude to all the doctors and professors blablabla thanks to all the juniors who worked hard to make this event a special one for us blablabla to everyone who attended and celebrated and showered me with gifts and flowers until my parents complained about having to sit uncomfortably in the taxi because they took too much space and because I made them hold some of them for me bahahahaha and a funny handmade card that was so spot on about me! Hahahaha.

Yeah, you get the gist. Not that I am not grateful but I find it hard for me to express the exact feeling.

Some of the shots I managed to take on that day.

Clockwise from top left: #OOTD, selfie-ing with flowers in the taxi on the way back, witty card from Mary D, a set of pen and mechanical pencil from Atiqoh and Nadhrah with marshmallow, and presents from The Parental Unit (They knew I loved buying special edition watches especially during valentines so they got me a pair because I complained about my current one wahahaha I should complain more after this I think)

And apparently pens seemed to be the famous choice as gift this year. I got three of them plus a pencil. I think that will last me a whole year of housemanship already!

The second place went to chocolates. Hehehehe.

And a monkey. LOL.

So now I am officially an alumni of Ain Shams University with a MBBch? What has changed?

Nothing. Except for the fact that I am now no longer class-bound (yay!) and have to fill lots of forms before I start to serve the community back then.

Anyway, more pictures soon (if I feel like sharing it). My personal photographer that I specially approached and hired during my final exam (jurugambar hot kena la book cepat kahkah) is yet to finish editting them for me. Aherherherher. Can't wait!

Only 8 days left before I left Egypt for good.
The sadness has started to kick in.

And it's hard to believe that there will be no more post categorized under "varsity life" after this.

07 February 2014

#27 she...

... sometimes questions her worth because she always attracts the wrong kind of people.

01 February 2014

Cainis Noo Yah With Cen Ni.

Cen Ni: Pink, I changed my job! Have I told you?
Me: Wow. Noooo, working as what now?
CN: Never pay attention to my FB!
Me: I rarely open friends' page la
CN: As geisha.
Me: Got wear weird red lipstick anot
CN: ...
Me: Put flour on face anot?
CN: Hint: logo is round, green and people drink it.
Me: 7up?
CN: That's not round la!
Me: Or heineken? Hahahaha I don't know. Okay, pepsi with some weird green logo.
CN: Another hint: People drink every morning.
Me: Tequila? Hahahaha that's what Ellen taught me. She said she had tequila every morning.
CN: Slap you. Cmon be smarter. How come you're stupid wan. Somemore a doctor.
Me: Starbucks?
CN: Wah smart now.
CN: Back to stupid pink again.
Me: Then what? Marketing?
CN: Yes!
Me: Well, I think baristas have more fun.
CN: :-|
Me: You can sneakily put whiskey in the orders
Me: Make everyone goes to work drunk.
CN: ................

29 January 2014

Medschool Journey: Oct 2006 - January 2014, a Summary.

First year - Pass on all 4 subjects (borderline marks really). This year I was still in the G2G program. With zero knowledge of arabic language and I had to endure lectures that were given in Arabic with no arabic basics. Barely made it through the year. Had to re-sit for two papers and surprisingly, passed both of them.

Second year - Again had to re-sit for three papers and I failed. This was the year that I lost all motivations and hopes. I was going through things alone and not understanding the lessons made me lost interest in medicine. I even thought of quitting and went back to Malaysia and if I couldn't get the same course, I would make do with a different one. Maybe I wasn't destine to be a doctor.

Repeat second year - My shining beacon of hope. Since I didn't pass the exams, I brought the matter to my sponsor. Made a plea to transfer me into the MOU course (because they were teaching in english). Who cares about not having any Egyptians friends? Or learning arabic? Some friends at that time told me that I should just stay in G2G because at least I would be surrounded with a different culture, people and that would make me stronger blablabla. But what good would that be if I am losing myself, motivation-less, skipping classes (because I saw no point of stressing myself out on things I couldn't digest) and putting my future at risk?

After a lot of visits to the sponsor's HQ finally I was transferred into MOU. Alhamdulillah. Passed my second year finally!

Third year - Passed on the first exam! With my first ever Jayyid (though it was borderline as well but hey who cares?) I was so happy. Felt sooooo good knowing I could go back to Malaysia for my summer break and enjoyed myself immensely without worrying about dur thani.

Fourth year - Another Jayyid with a better percentage. I remembered how good it felt back then knowing you didn't make it through just enough. And this was the year I made a promise to myself that I should do my best to achieve something better than the year before. I knew I wasn't a mumtaz material but at least I should put all efforts and tried my best.

Fifth year - The year I was aiming for Jayyid Jiddan, but I was 12 marks (if I remember correctly) shy from it. Was really frustrated at first but oh well, as the saying goes, "itu rezeki yang Allah bagi". And hey I was finally a final year student so that was good! Yay.

Final year - The night before our results would be officially announced, I was a nerve-wreck. Couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, annoyed countless friends with my whining before I stopped myself and cried non-stop. The worst moment ever throughout my medschool journey. I was contemplating not to attend the convocation rehearsal that morning. Too scared thinking about the worst possibility.

Apparently I cried myself to sleep and woke up at 8am. Holey macaroni! I was late. Quick shower (cold water brrr no time to switch on the heater or boil water brrr) and went out. Thought I would be late but when I reached the place it was empty except for the egyptian who was taking care of the hall.

Was really half-hearted throughout the rehearsal though I didn't show much. Kept thinking to myself that I might not be able to join the event if I failed. Finished the rehearsal at 11.15am. Waited in the college ground since the results were rumored to come out at noon.

12.30pm still nothing. Tried to distract my mind by playing candy crush (of all things hahaha).

12.45pm one of our co-ordinators uploaded the results in FB group. Was shakily trying to load the page. Scrolled to the end of the picture (since my ID number was the last one) and looked at the left most corner. Couldn't believe my eyes. Called The Parental Unit in Malaysia (who were away from the phones at that time, how convieniet). Finally got through. Cried during the call. That was how relieved I was.

And how happy I was because at least I got my dream of getting something other than the usual Jayyids. Although my rank would not be as good as the final year results but who cares! I fulfilled my promise to get better with each year and that is what matters the most, getting better in life. The Parental Unit was of course, ecstatic and happy knowing their daughter had achieved her dream. Hehe.


And if you asked me personally, having to repeat your study for another year/ re-sit for a paper is definitely the best thing that can happen to anyone. It's saddening, yes, but you will learn to accept that life can throw anything and sucker punch your face, and you have to be prepared for any possibilities.

That, my dear, is something not everyone can experience and is priceless.

"So trust me. I am really, really, really a doctor now." 

Really can't wait for the convocation this 15 Feb!!!!! *tries hard to contempt excitement


26 January 2014

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