15 February 2007


he is so cute.
he is just so cute.
he is definitely cute.

definitely my next mangsa.


okay, results were finally annouced. not that good. quite really bad. seriously i have to struggle this second semester. literally.

like cutting my online time.
cutting my resting time.
lessing my frequency of blogging. might not be doing it daily now.
going on with my diet. (this got nothing to do with my new study regime)
following new study schedule.
sleeping at eight. (it's 8.55pm now and i am writing this)
thinking less about boys
thinking less about him

but i am proud with my biochemistry! damn proud because i am the highest among all malaysians. until the result for the other 4 students are known next week. but whatever. i still want to bathe in the happiness of being the best at one thing. at least there is something to make my day after knowing my horror histology mark (click it, you will know how suwey it is when it comes to histology).

don't ask me what i got for histology.

okay, i will tell.

no, i won't. what good it will make if i make it public?


i am histophobic. yes, i am!

but he is really cute!

now you are confused. i know.

7 Comment(s):

  1. Wait a second...histology? I don't recall doctors taking Histology as a subject do they...unless it's a pathology subject.

  2. where did you bump into me? oh ure making me blush.


  3. kamirogoshi:

    we do take histology. pathology is a part of histology i think. or something like histo.

    wan yean:

    eh that day i bumped into you in egypt! LOL.

  4. Gan Bah teh!!!! U sure can go through everything.

  5. That might explain why. I take Medical Science in Pathology as a second degree. Histo was part of our subject. Loved it to bits. Never loved Haemotology though.

  6. kamirogoshi:

    you love histo?!
    you love HISTO?!
    you LOVE histo?!

    god, you should take the paper for me in finals. LOL.

    histo is kinda nice if it is drawing. but answering subjectives question. *sigh*


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