19 March 2007

butterflies in my tummy

phyiology mcq 1
physiology mcq 2
anatomy mcq 1
anatomy mcq 2
biochemistry mcq 1
biochemistry mcq 2
biochemistry mcq 3
biochemistry mcq 4 *yeay! no more quiz!*

practical anatomy
practical biochemistry
practical histology
practical physiology
practical computer

oral anatomy
oral biochemistry
oral histology
oral physiology

writing anatomy
writing biochemistry
writing histology
writing physiology
writing computer
writing english
writing human rights

what to say? it is still a long way to go before i am back. *sigh*

5 Comment(s):

  1. *laugh at ace's comment"

    i don care! U better come back as soon as possible!!!

  2. aceone:

    i am not a girl, not yet a woman one!

    sexlogy? that one is at your university only! LOL


    you talking to who? kakakak!

  3. All the best! You can do it!!

  4. in my skul, histology is a sub-branch of anatomy. and why is there a computer paper but no exam on ethics? And why didn't they teach you hw to preserve bodies the Egyptian way?

    Where is ur Q&A? janggut dah nak sampai lantai-la....


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