27 March 2007


*snatches from instant messaging between me and a friend of mine*

XY: hey, do you know any good place for renting here?
me: not really but at my area is quite okay i guess.
XY: oh ya! got vacancy one ar?
me: i am not sure but i think got if you go and asked.
XY: hurm...
me: moving out from the hostel is it?
XY: yeah, can't take those rules anymore.
me: tell me about that. bwahahahaha.
XY: haha. so got any vacancies or not?
me: i am not sure.
XY: you must know one. it is your area of living!
me: well, i only live in one of the apartments. and there is like 30 apartments in a building and there are around 300 buildings all. so how am i supposed to know got one or not?
XY: oh, okay. sorry. hehe.
me: never mind. i am not angry or anything.
XY: so what's the range for renting?
me: hurm around 600 to 1200 pounds per months
XY: mak oi! too expensive. *die*
me: ....
XY: comparable to my hostel which i only have to pay 100 pounds per month.
me: well, you get it fully furnished at least. like my house. and you are supposed to be living with few people. so you only pay a part of the amount only. right?
XY: yeah, but still...
me: well, up to you.
XY: how much is yours anyway?
me: 900 per month
XY: what????!!!!
me: but it is fully furnished.
XY: mahal gila!!!!

me: not really
XY: and you are living and paying it all alone by yourself!
me: ....
XY: ah you tak pe lah. you are daughter of a rich family.
me: where got?
XY: like everyone knows about that.
me: i am just as common as you are and my family is not as rich as what you think of.
XY: nah, keep on lying to us will you?

aren't you irritated when someone said things like that to you? when it is just assumption of yourself, like they know you better than you know your own self.

you tak apa lah. you budak pandai.
you tak apa lah. no need to study one.
you tak apa lah. your head is like calculator one.
you tak apa lah. you come from a rich family.
you tak apa lah. you are pinksterz.
you tak apa lah. you are this.
you tak apa lah. you are that.
you tak apa lah.
you tak apa lah.
you tak apa lah.

i get more than enough on those 'you tak apa lah' in my life that it can be considered overdose.

please people. i am still a normal human. and those ordinaries things that are seemed to be extraordinaire to you are nothing. treat me as normal as you can. pretty, pretty please?

that's why being anonymous is good. people will treat you the same as they are treating others.

note: i wonder will you treat me the same as before if you really know who is the real pinksterz?

6 Comment(s):

  1. In egypt got YMCA anot? Can stay there ma!! cheaper, lol

  2. your fren izzit too horny kar?
    wan to stay out?

  3. If your online personality is anything to go by, I'm sure you're a pretty likable girl :)

  4. aceone:

    no YMCA in egypt. YMCA can be yamcha also right? haha!

    pisang goreng:

    i don't see any connection between horny and staying out. hehe. but the rules are way too much. can't do this. girls can't wear jeans. girls can't do that. can't do this. have to join everything held there. have to do this. do that.

    one should go gila lah.


    haha! i know am likeable. online and offline. bwahahaha.

    now that just sounds so wrong coming from me. eheh.

  5. who is the real you? tell tell tell!!!

  6. robb:

    daughter of bill gates? bwahahaha! i am not telling. kaka!


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