10 May 2007

RE: ask me anything

itchy: what are you doing?
pinksterz: answering those questions. got 10 more.
itchy: hahaha
pinksterz: i shouldn't start this 'ask me anything'
itchy: you sendiri cari pasal. haha.


say hello to the answers peeps!

warning: long post ahead

so why pinksterz? why pink?

haha. because it isn't green. :P

pinksterz sounds the best. imagine greensterz, sound
s like hulk only.

the name was created when i was sitting for my last paper for spm in 2005. est paper was way easy so i let my mind wandered seamlessly, and tada! pinksterz was created.

i guess it was because, you know i change, punk'd to pink'd last time. so it kinda influenced me with using pink for pinksterz.

why you like pink so much ha? naturally?

me, myself dunno. but i remembered when i was a kid, i used to like blue. and then i changed to pastel colours.

blame my pink obsession on my friend! they influenced me to like pink!

but i guess it's like finding your true religion lah. i never stick to any colour this long one wor!

see? i am destined to be with pink. nothing but pink! *dramatic expression*

you are a girl right?

i am one. wait! *checks self*

yes, i am a girl. haha!

your exact age please?

i was borned on 1 november 1988. so i am 18 now. going to be 19 soon. so what are you waiting for? find me presents!

note: i a quite surprise when many people asked me this question. am i that anonymous?

your pic? the real one, not the doll.


okay, no play play this time.

my real pic.

after being photoshopped
. :P

note: thanks morgania

hmmm...so you are not a chinese eh?

nah, i am a malay. but a few people did get confused last time when i first start in blogspot.

why did you choose me to bully?

when did i bully you lah? you willingly let me to bully one wor. heheh. well, you are bully-able. does that answer your question?

why people said pinksterz is kejam? or bully besar?

i don't know lah! you see? i am very good to others. then they all said i am kejam. heheh. saya telah menjadi mangsa keadaan dan fitnah orang. *pretend to cry*

actually, i am quite evil. i admit that. saya memang baik.

why put that picture as your avatar? it looks like a pink angel to me but you are not! i tagged you as the goddess of evil leh, remember tak?

geez, thanks for reminding me rabbit who is actually a canibal as she eats more sushis than carrots than a normal carnivore. ops, i don't mean to be mean. heheh.

it is not a pink angel lah. you know how i love google ? when i was bored last time i googles for picture and then
tada! i found these collection (yes, there are loads of my avatar pics in many poses!) and i decided to use it.

i guess it represents me in the best way. pink
and angelic.

are you feeling guilty now?

guilty? what's that? hahah! i can't find the word in my pinkelopedia. eh, you use what dictionary lah? dewan bahasa dan zoo kah? heheh.
pinksterz: why so many people attack me with questions on my evilness???
a blogger: because you are super duper triple extra extra extra evil
another blogger: and you are indeed kejam


where are you from? i mean your hometown in malaysia!

i was originally (means borned) in penang. but then i had live in perak, sabah and negeri sembilan. so can i be considered as a penangnite too?

have you ever watch porn before?

who haven't? i am 18 for goodness sake! LOL.

pinksterz: and did i say not that i will answer every question asked? so he asked me this question too


am i good looking?

errrr..... wait let me judge you from your best picture

well, you are indeed good looking. *cross my finger from behind* heheh! :P

note: girls, if you are interested, let me know. i am the orang tengah.

can i have your phone number please?

i have no problem changing phone number with anyone as long as you promise not to disturb me like some unfortunate ones here who seemed to have a pea sized brain to miss call me at two. in fact there are five malaysian bloggers who have my number in their record. you know who you are.

if you want to have mine, just give me yours by any means (msn, ym, email and i shall message you mine)

any egyptian guys 'hit' on you?

heheh. *pretending to blush* yeah. got few.

the best one is the guy who sells prepaid card near to my house. i get discount on top up every month. heheh.

and one guy who works in united colours of benetton wants to give me one latest belt free!

the most annoying is one guy from the shop near to my house! he is way gatal! (but at least i can bully him to carry my purchase to my house every single time)

seems like i am getting advantages from them eh?

have you been to any egypt's tourist attractions?


*thinks hardly*

mostly it is the place for shopping. you know, malls, tahrir, khan el khalily. city stars is my second home here.



i had visited nile river! yes, so i did visit one of the tourist attractions. heheh.

*make note to visit more places*

but still if anyone needs any help to find the best place with the best bargain, give me a call. haha!

what's the first food you gonna cram into your mouth like there is no tomorrow eat once you come back to malaysia?

nasi lemak? nah, i got to eat it here easily.
laksa? same. except the use spaghetti instead of the normal white laksa.

gosh. dunno lah.

but fast food? i miss domino's so much.

and finally the final one!

how long is your longest pubic hair?

what the?!

haha. i am a hygenic person dude! but wait. how long is yours? :P


itchy: but i want to know the real answer
pinksterz: memang gatal

itchy: i am not called itchy for nothing
pinksterz: really gatal ar?
itchy: hahaha

pinksterz: great now i have a new conclusion on all *pfs guys

itchy: what?
pinksterz: all pfs guys are gatal
pinksterz: apart from kuat merajuk

*in case you are curious pfs means penang free school. all exed and unex-ed yet penang free schoolers. come and shoot me.

note: itchy is not the one asking me this question. as he said, he was just curious after i told him about this particular question. but itchy is still gatal. heheh.


17 Comment(s):

  1. I found some interesting fact of pinksterz here.And for ur information,i didn't ask u how long ur pubic hair is ok.Just curious after u mention it.:P

  2. itchy:

    you didn't ask me. but i took out that part from our msn window lah! heheh. takut reputasi rosak kah? :P

  3. Saya memang hensem, kekeke... *falls in love with self*

    OMG, I can't stop laughing. I put that picture up in frenster when old frens kept asking me hw I look like now.

  4. ha? miss domino only? domino really that nice r? :P

  5. that 1st pictures is your breast kar?

    why you take in thermal camera?

  6. Thanks for answering my question. Wah, some of your readers really took advantage of the 'anything clause'. Gatal!

  7. *look at s3nw4i's picture* Hantu ah!!!!! *runs*

    Ehems! Me canibal?! *Bites pinksterz*

  8. @cannibalrabbit

    apa hantu!??? HENSEM!!!

  9. Oh my god! That guy is ugly!!! Haha.. scarynya!

    I love pink too!!! Check out the pink car!

  10. kok:

    OMG! i created another narcisstic person! SWTSWTSWTSWT


    because i get malaysian food here easily. and having mum here doesn't help me to miss malaysian food that much.

    domino's better than pizza hut! hahaha. or maybe it is just me. :S


    don't be so humhai can or not?

    it's my FACE LAH! i blurred it only!

    *smacks pisang*


    yalor! memang GATAL!

    bubbly soda:

    i know you are star strucked. by me.



    psst! memang hantu. so why you bribe him with carrots?! heheh.


    another perasan comment by the same guy. :P

  11. prince shin:

    heheh! so so true!

    *breath in deeply*


    *sen wai is so going to kill me after this*

  12. Is someone hairless wan? muahahaha!!!

  13. aceone:

    another humhai person. -___-

  14. Visitor-visitor pinsterzisme harap maklum bahawa saya telah membunuh pinksterz dengan sebatang cangkul.

  15. Hehe...I'm still waiting for your real picture!

  16. k0k:

    as far as i am concerned i am still breathing in and out now dude.

    you need to polish up your killing skills :P


    *i can't hear you!*


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