21 July 2008

my happy list

gosh whole page of emo posts. i can't stand it so here is something neutral (IMO)! haha.

i mentioned about making this list before and finally i managed to list down a few. it took time for me to realise what actually cheers me up.

1. pepsi. be it the normal one or diet. but to be honest, i prefer the diet one because it is less sweet than the usual one. and because i am anal about watching my calories intake. although that seem to be pointless since well people on diet won't take carbonated drink.

2. the smell of a new chick lits. i have just realised today that whenever i am feeling down i will go out for a window shopping and go straight to any bookstore and buy one or two chick lits which catch my interest. usual the pink cover of the book does the trick. i think my frequency of emoness can be counted through the amount of chick lits i own right now. and i don't even have the time to read them. out o the 13 books i bought in the pass 7 months i only managed to finish 2 of it. and even that was a struggle because i donl't have enough time.

3. pizza hut's spicy chicken wings. am not sure of the real name of the dish. but usually when i said spicy chicken wings the operator will know what i am referring to. oh they are just so addictive i don't know why. -__-

4. peanut butter. have you tried the kit kat chunky peanut butter? ooooh anything chocolate and peanut butter is orgasmic. :))))) i also like to eat peanut butter+chocolate spread+ banana sandwichs. try it! seriously, it is nice. sometimes i even add in ice cream to it. :P or sometimes i just eat peanut butter along from the jar! yes, i know how fattening it is but when you are down, sugar rush is just so good you can't just say no to it right? but the only bad thing afterwards is pimple attack damn it.

5. groceries shopping. tadaa! surprise of the century isn't it? well, except that when i am down i tend to overdo my shoppings. hurhur. like last time i saw this pink rubber gloves and i bought it. and also pink carpet brush. and pink dustpan. anything pink. my best (and favourite) purchase so far is the mirror decorations jelly that you can stick onto mirror surface which i bought in purplish pink/pinkish purplish hue. they are just so so so cute that when i first saw them i just knew i have to have them. :D

and this brings us to the next point which is...

6. PINK! no no not the singer but the colour. what else can make me happier right if not my favourite colour in the whole world! but make it hot pink please. baby pink is just too urgh... "cute" for me.

7. cleaning. not the usual house cleaning but the scrubbing the pots and pans and even the toilet until they become sparkly white seperti baru menggunakan colgate whitening wtf. nothing can explain the satisaction when you see the difference after you are done with it. oooh and also carpet brushing. the satisfaction after seeing your carpet are dust-free equals to triple orgasms.

8. good friends who know when i need the cheer up and distaction. not many i have met can truly understand me. some even think that i am fishing for attention when i am emo-ing. sigh. but then i appreciate those who know when to stop asking me what is wrong with me when i tell them "right now i am not ok but i appreciate a good talk for distraction". i am never the girl who loves to tell people her problems. that is why i start a blog. for me to let out my frustration and rant all i want. to jot down life little fuck ups, happy moments and whatnots. this blog is my personal public diary. so respect me and my territory and i will respect you in return.

9. good songs. here is the list of the songs i always listen to when i am emo:

  • mocca's happy!
  • the beatles's hey jude, yesterday, i've just seen a face, i get by with a little help from my friends, so happy together
  • tyrone well's i wanna dream like new york
  • simple plan's untitled
  • xniquet's you, lie to me
  • juliet the orange's eyelash
  • melly goeslow's jika. this song is quite famous long time ago but i never got tired of listening to it.
  • tina arena & mark anthony's i want to spend my lifetime loving you. yeah, its the OST of zorro.
  • across the universe soundtracks.
  • kaer's izin ku pergi
  • linda's jika kau kekasih
  • adam's jatuh
  • sheila on 7's buat aku tersenyum
  • OST dunia baru the movie's cinta antara kita
  • ning baizura's kau dan aku.
  • man bai's kau ilhamku - haha the most famous and well known malay song among chinese i heard. what you dunch know meh?! where have you been all these while?!
  • xfactor's 7251364
  • camelia's rindu padanya
  • sahri's memori bahagia
  • oag's generasiku
  • innuendo's nanti, gemawan, belaian jiwa.
  • indigo's istimewa, gadis misteri. although the latter can be sometimes annoying.
  • adibah noor's terlalu istimewa
  • acha's sampai ku menutup mata
  • melly goeslow's denting, tentang dia.
  • ella's rama rama
  • anything by alleycats.
  • st12's puspa
  • coldplay's fix you

okay. most of the malay songs are really the lovey dovey "jiwang" type. i admit that. but i just love listening to these kind of songs and melody! :D

10. playing songs especially the oldies on my beloved organ. but unfortunately it is left in malaysia and there is no way for me to bring the huge organ into egypt. so i am planning to bring back my keyboard with me when i return to malaysia which i don't know when. sigh. and i plan to take music classes here too. right now i am still searching a good one. anyone knows and can help me on this?

11. surprise post it notes. used to get them during my pasum from few close friends. a simple post it with a short note always does the magic of bringing the smile back. seriously. i miss those times. :(

12. early morning/night walks. just by myself. because i just love being alone when i need it.

7 Comment(s):

  1. from # 7 and some others, i can make out that you are weird! hahaha xD

    btw, kau ilhamku is not the most famous among the chinese or any other races.

    NEGARAKU is!

  2. Walao, so many food... r u sure u r not gaining 10 pounds when u come back to Malaysia? XD

    wah, pinksterz is jiwang type... high five la! lol

  3. Pepsi got diet one ar? walau wey..

    Btw, I think its safewr if u at least walked around in the middle of the ntie with a camel la :P

  4. it's chic lit laaa..bukan chick!! and the spicy chicken wing is called fire wing!! aaa sedap sedap sedap. malaysia takde fire wing :(

    tapi ada banyaaaakk gilaaaa makanan yang lagi sedap hahahahaha.

    *sayang kakak!

  5. pink: since you always say i bully you, so this time i am going to defend you.

    sakibaki: i think pink's spelling is correct... what she meant as "chick lit" is the LOLz way to say KAKI AYAM.


  6. calvin:
    where got weird? it is all about being different!! i is special T^T and negaraku is not a song. it's a national anthem pls. blek!

    gained liao. no mystery why i am so fat la. always emo mah. ooh i love slow and simple songs wan. especially by indigo and innuendo! :D

    haha i prefer pepsi :P coke lite with lemon is okay i think but PEPSI FTW!! XD

    got la but in malaysia no more i think. got pepsi max nia right? but here got pepsi, pepsi diet AND pepsi max! hohoho egypt sungguh kool wtf.

    no need camel. give male bodyguard yang hot please.

    whatever la spelling nazi. malas nak edit LOL. haha don't care! i still want to call it hot and spicy chicken wings! x)

    kaki ayam is nice!!!111wanwanwansatusatu *drools*


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