02 December 2012

Thank God For Sales

What I had bought during my first week in Malaysia:
1. Two pairs of super girly pumps.
2. A pair of high heels because my old one aren't in good enough condition for my feet.
3. An abaya dress.
4. A sleeveless stripy dress because it was so cute!
5. A blazer to be paired with the above mentioned sleeveless stripy dress.

What I had bought right before I headed to the north for a wedding reception and Langkawi:
1. A shawl.
2. An inner for the above mentioned shawl because it was quite transparent (stupid see through tudung bawal).
3. Two pairs of socks.

What I had bought in Langkawi:
1. A super puffy and flowy long skirt.
2. A blouse.
3. Two lace-y cardigans.

What I have bought today:
1. Two checkered blouses.
2. A dress shirt.
3. Another cardigan (Mom: How many of these do you really need?! You have too many in Cairo already! / Me: One... does... not... simply... own... one pair of cardigan wtf)
4. Four belts
5. A super loose shirt with New York written across it
6. A knitted sweater with a huge London flag on it.

(Wow, Malaysia should just disown me now)

What I am going to buy next week:
1. A trolley-ful of books!!

What I am going to buy most probably in the last week of 2012:
1. Food to be brought back to Cairo.
2. Food to be brought back to Cairo.
3. Food to be brought back to Cairo.

Oh notice something that is missing from the above list? No? Freaking pants. I haven't bought any pants yet and that's the most crucial item in my wardrobe. I wear pants 99.999999% of the time. They are comfortable and easier to move around in. You don't have to sit like a lady in pants.  If the jeans and I were together, most probably I would be coined as the overly-attached girlfriend in that relationship wtf. That's how much I love my pants. But no, haven't bought any so far.

Erm, am I turning into a lady?

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