25 January 2013

Pinksterz 101: Yoga

The doctor told us last Wednesday in class to live a healthy lifestyle. You might think as a medical student we should be the most health concious student ever but trust me, I am just like any other college student out there. When laziness kicks in, or when we don't have the time, we simply resort to survive by eating chips or instant noodle or maybe a cookie or two. Or sometimes we just ignore it all and go to bed directly because beauty sleep always wins over happy tummy anyway.  Or at least in my case.

The doctor told us about how the females in Egypt are resistant to do anything active. He enacted a scene for us in class.

"So I asked the patient 'do you exercise frequently'? And she answered me "Ah no doctor, I am a female'. I don't even know what that means. 'You're a female so you can't exercise?'" We laughed.

And then he proceeded to ask the female in the class, "So how many of you girls in this class that actually exercise?" Meek response.

So here I am. Making new resolution. To exercise at least for 5 minutes a day! Yes, you go girl. *snaps fingers

I have decided to try Yoga. It's simple and sound classy at the same time. Like super atas like that. When people ask me what do I do to be kept in health I can answer with a patronizing smile saying "Oh nothing I just do yoga" *flips scarf

I know there are a lot of thick books about Yoga out there that teach you how to Yoga but trust me, all you need to know about Yoga can be simplified into 5 lines. Yes, five.

1) Get into a position.
2) Get comfortable.
3) Breathe (Easy peasy. I do this like all the time)
4) Close your eyes (So you won't get distracted by your surroundings)
5) Think of nothing. Well, actually you might be literally thinking of nothing which actually means you're thinking)

There. Done.

So what's my favourite yoga position?

There are two.

The first one is known as Peaceful Water. Also known as Calming Water to some. Well, each to his/her own. Whatever rocks your boat. (Haha irony puns!) Peaceful Water is done by lying down flat on your bed. Second, one is The Fetus. That's when you lie down on one of your sides and use all four limbs to spoon a pillow.

So I will just get into one of these and close my eyes and to clear my mind and reach inner calamity I will try to think of happy thoughts.

So think happy thought. Think happy thoughts. Think happy

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