03 January 2013

Rumor has it that a stork is currently flying to my house with a bundle of joy.

And my new baby is here!

After weeks of contemplation in between a Surface and iPad mini, I finally settled on the latter 2 days ago. Heheh.

Went through hell okay, trying to get my hand on one. Spent the whole morning calling all the branches in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Malacca and every place seemed to be out of stock except for Mac City in Hatten Square. But they told me they only have few units left and all of them were black. After thinking for a while, I decided to just take it.

Reached there, introduced myself to the guy there as the girl who called earlier ("ooooh it was you la just now") and apparently, my mom and I bought the last 2 units for 32GB. I initially wanted a white one but I was told that I need to pre-order and wait some more and you know my stand on waiting. ;p

And after I annoyed the chinese guy long enough for being indecisive on which casing color should I get, I finally settled for a red one in the spirit of the upcoming Chinese New Year, and I don't really like pink that much anymore and I think it's getting way too predictable for me to own pink things. ;p

And also his comment saying "Take the red one la, it's the latest wan miss, new color" I think he was trying to push me to simply pick one cover after I made him take so many out of their boxes and put them back inside again and again and again hahahahahahaha!

Maybe I should get a Ferarri sticker and put on the front now. :P

So, what should I call this new baby? Hmmm.

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