04 February 2013

Productive high-five anyone?

Told a friend that this is like my most productive winter break and she sceptically said "How so?" So I decided to list down real quick what I have done (so far):

1. Finally straightened up my home and did all my laundry for my "special care" clothes. If you remember (and I am sure you don't) I touched down in Cairo on the second day of my final school year, and turned out the schedule for the sixth year is super packed. Plus I was facing a jetlag hence the no time to properly set up the home to its previous glory, so it was finally done on the first day of winter break.

2. Mastered the skill of pancake-ing after so many years of trying to do so though there is still room for improvement in the look department (the pancakes, not yours truly hahahaha I kid, I kid). Not to mention, it's vegan. I substituted the milk with soy powder instead and no egg was used! Hurray.

3. Got my obgyn portfolio updated! Finished all my lecture's notes. All are safely kept in their respective folders.

4. Actually went to the hospital voluntarily, aka on my own's will, to attend some sessions in the Ortho operation theatre, delivery room, emergency room and also the outpatient clinic during the first week of holiday. This one deserves a trophy on its own.

5. Fulfilled my promise to some friends to cook them a meal for passing my fifth year final exam. Luckily the food turned out fine and edible. At least none get food poisoning.

6. Went down to Sayeda Zainab and finally found the perfect legacy for me to live for; freeloading!

7 Turned into a mom for 3 days. Bullied my anak anak to cook breakfast for mak. Freeloading legacy remember?

8. Made a certain someone who was having the time of her life in Malaysia very jealous. Muahaha.

9. Had the first meeting of Mutawatirs (inside joke hahaha) at the Four Season Hotel as a treat by The Peas.

10. Also lost my clean record of hack-free to a certain someone. T______________________T



And now I am down with a cold. A-tishoo!

2 Comment(s):

  1. ROFL at number 10! haha. u know, i should have hacked while you slept.. hmm. i am too nice.

    1. The perfect song for that situation was Taylor Swift's "I knew you were trouble" coz I could totally see his eyes kept darting in between my phone and you while you were talking. Argh!

      Amboi like I could't do the same thing la to you considering how you always left your S3 unattended all the time. I was tempted though this morning while you were busy cooking breakfast in the kitchen hahaha. But I was (and am) too nice too.


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